Cat fip steroids

Many breeders have cat sitters. When the breeder is gone, someone is in attendance at the house. My kittens have someone with them 24/7. I also have an alarm system and ‘kitten cams’ installed throughout the house for safety, security and entertainment! I know a breeder in Redondo Beach who (2 weeks ago) had her home broken into and 6 Turkish Van 8 week olds and 2 Turkish Van 12 week old kittens were stolen!! Heavens! I’d lose my mind if that happened here!
There seems to be a myth that Ragdoll don’t shed, and they don’t need much grooming because they don’t have an under coat, which makes them perfect for folks with allergies.

Noodles was tested forall of the above, was negative for toxoplasmosis and leukemia, but theresults of the feline FIP tests indicated he was positive. I was advisedto euthanize my little kitten. I was told I needed to euthanize him so that hewouldn't be around my other cats and infect them. At the time, FIP in cats wasthought to be highly contagious. Now,however, we understand that the virus needs to be shed in a cat's stool,ingested by feces to mouth of another cat, and then mutate within the new cat'sbody -- a process that doesn't make it as contagious as initially believed .That said, isolating a cat with FIP from other cats, especially the very youngor very old, is still advised.

Cat fip steroids

cat fip steroids


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