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Blood samples taken at these Games will be kept for eight years. "I am sure that Fina and the doping authorities have taken every sample they can take," Leonard said. "The sample will be tested and available for testing for the next eight years. And over eight years, if there is something unusual going on in terms of genetic manipulation or something else, I would suspect over eight years' science will move fast enough to catch it. I have every faith that eventually if there is something there to be caught it will be caught. Right now all we can say is Olympic champion, world record holder, and watch out for history." But Arne Ljungqvist, chairman of the International Olympic Committee's medical commission and a veteran anti-doping official, said that as yet he had no particular suspicions around the Chinese swimmer.

Peter Scott Sorry, but the doping offense, but in sports as well as theft is not in the sport. If a person has committed a crime, such as theft, he served his sentence and was released in life, your whole life it should not be admitted to anything, should be deprived of a normal life? I repeat, the right Efimova participation in the Olympic Games was decided by the court and he made it to participate in the Olympic Games. I wrote here that I do not approve of such behavior as that of Lilly King, I think it is bad manners. I for example do not remember and I do not know of examples when Russian athletes have behaved the same way in relation to the US, for example, in relation to Justin Gatlin.

Chinese swimmer steroids youtube

chinese swimmer steroids youtube


chinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtubechinese swimmer steroids youtube