Croup treatment toddlers steroids

Because chickenpox in children is very itchy, the kids cannot help themselves but try to scratch it. As much as possible control them from scratching to avoid infections and scars. Cut their nails short to avoid further infection and apply calamine lotion to help ease the itch. You can also apply home itch remedy such as oatmeal bath and give them frequent cool baths every 4 hours for at least a few days. Serve your kids with soft, cold and bland foods. Also avoid feeding them with acidic and salty foods and increase the fluid intake. Make sure that they are wearing cool and comfortable clothes, but most importantly, encourage the kids to have a good rest.

You didn’t say how the dr determined what type pneumonia it was…but good to hear the treatments you used worked! Interestingly many of the products you used are also antifungal. I say this because mayo clinic a few years back published information stating most sinus infections are actually caused by fungus…wondering if many pneumonia cases are also…sadly most physicians still don’t know about fungus being the root cause to many illnesses…Which leads to antibiotics being prescribed for something which they are ineffective against. Thank you again for helping us to become educated and take charge of our health!

What will they do for you in the ER? As they evaluate your child, they should encourage you to hold him in your lap, remember to keep him calm. They might measure his blood oxygen level, with an oximeter or “pulse-ox.” This uses a small light source that is wrapped around a finger or toe and helps determine how your child is breathing. They might have you blow cool mist in front of your child’s face. If your child’s croup is severe enough (which is why you’re in the ER), they may give him vaporized Epinephrine to breathe with the cool mist. This works quickly to open the airways. Depending on the situation, the ER physician may recommend a short course of steroids. Don’t worry; this is not the “body-building” type of steroids. These will help keep the air passages open over the next few hours to days. Your child will only be on the steroids for a few days, there are no side effects to worry about when used for this short time. The first dose often needs to be given as an injection, since the child with severe breathing difficulty is in no mood to take an oral medication, or he may throw it up.

Croup treatment toddlers steroids

croup treatment toddlers steroids


croup treatment toddlers steroidscroup treatment toddlers steroidscroup treatment toddlers steroidscroup treatment toddlers steroidscroup treatment toddlers steroids