Do steroids cause acid reflux

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This is a great product if your looking for a full pump and to achieve soreness in otherwise complacent muscle groups. Everyone that has the experience knows that after deticated hard training for years, it takes much more to “trick” your body in to growing. When you hit a plateau, some of the things you can do is switch up your training style, your intensity, your diet, etc., but you can also take Arachadonic Acid (something your body creates anyway) to help break the muscle down so you can rebuild it.
I love this stuff! The pumps can be pretty intense, especially around 6 pills on something like a bodybuilding/high volume day, but I like that anyway lol

Do steroids cause acid reflux

do steroids cause acid reflux


do steroids cause acid refluxdo steroids cause acid refluxdo steroids cause acid refluxdo steroids cause acid refluxdo steroids cause acid reflux