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The Zero is compact, sleek, light and beautiful. It has the power that very few EUC’s can match given the same weight class of kgs. It gives a very comfortable ride and is very responsive due to it’s powerful motor.

Mechanical design:
The footrests are prone to scratches. However, with a can of glossy white paint it is easily touched up.
The semitransparent covers with the LED ribbons are fixed to the white body shells by means of fragile lids. It is not easy to remove the covers without breaking them. I have the bad attitude as to open my stuff too often. Consequently, four of these lids are broken.

My charger limits the voltage to , that is /cell. It charges with a more or less constant current. Charge current is A when the battery is below 64V, the current drops with rising voltage, . at and only at .
It is seems to be short-circuit protected.

The charger uses a coaxial DC power connector ¿/¿ (/) female connector. The counterpart is hidden behind one of the footrests.
Battery pack is connected via an XT60 connector, the balancer cables are divided into two JST SM connectors, 11 and 7 poles respectively.

Is Chinese bling-bling. It consists of four RGB dumb ribbons (you can have only one color at a time on the ribbon). They are connected by means of four six pole JST SM connectors. The ribbons are powered by a separate 5V power supply. If you do not like the fancy lighting, remove them and use the power supply for your own purposes. I myself took it for four bright red 70mA LEDs (2 x 2 in series with a resistor) and a Voltmeter.

The ZERO-130/260 incorporates 18650 cells marked NRH10. The battery manufacturer rates the NRH10 cell not as of (as imagined here sometimes), but of capacity.

Es bueno un monociclo de winstrol

es bueno un monociclo de winstrol


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