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Mr. Red made his first appearance on a Reds uniform as a sleeve patch in 1955. The patch featured Mr. Red's head, clad in an old-fashioned white pillbox baseball cap with red stripes. The following season, 1956, saw the Reds adopt sleeveless jerseys, and Mr. Red was eliminated from the home uniform. He was moved to the left breast of the road uniform, and remained there for one season before being eliminated entirely. In 1999, the Reds re-designed their uniform and "Mr. Red" was reintroduced as a sleeve patch on the undershirt. A human version of the mascot didn't appear until the early 1980s. The costumed mascot disappeared in the late 1980s but was reintroduced in 1997. The humanoid Mr. Red retired in 2007 leaving Gapper, Rosie Red and Mr. Redlegs to take his place. A new version of Mr. Red was unveiled at Redsfest 2012; the new mascot will be on the field with Mr. Redlegs, Gapper and Rosie Red.

It seems like the Orioles became obsessed with the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays in the late 1990s, with mostly poor results. Of the seven members of that team who later joined the Birds, only Roberto Alomar made a real impact. Outfielder/designated hitter Joe Carter (1998) showed up just as the O's were going downhill. Joe's 34 RBI in 85 games sure didn't help, so he was shipped to the Giants for a warm body. Carter was just one of a succession of outfielder/designated hitter types who wore #29 in Baltimore. The others were the awful Luis Polonia (1996); free-swinging Pete Incaviglia (1997) and Geronimo Berroa (1997); and second-generation Oriole Derrick May (1999), whose father had worn #12 for the team.

Lesser lights among the twenty-nines are third base coach Tom Oliver (1954); pitcher Ray Moore (1955-1957), who did manage 33 wins in orange and black; southpaw Marcelino Lopez (1967); relievers Pat Clements (1992) and Gene Harris (1995); rookie third baseman Ivanon Coffie (2000); pitcher Jay Spurgeon (2000); and injury-riddled pitcher Kurt Ainsworth (2003-2004). First baseman Brandon Snyder (2011), the team's first-round draft pick in 2005, got a cup of coffee in May 2011 in #29 after debuting the previous September in #58.

Harrison twins steroid cycle

harrison twins steroid cycle


harrison twins steroid cycleharrison twins steroid cycleharrison twins steroid cycleharrison twins steroid cycleharrison twins steroid cycle