Hcg steroids weight loss

I have done 3-4 full rounds of HCG over the past couple of years. By November last year I had lost about 20+ pounds. I started what I was planning as a short round (which I’ve never done before) about 25 days ago. Is it okay to go a little longer but not do the full 40 day protocol? I just broke a one week plateau and have lost 11 pounds and would like to go a few days longer and was wondering if once you get to the 23 mark if you can go longer but not all the way to 40.
LOL I guess I already have, but wanted your feedback on doing that….thank you so much ♥

#2: A Mini Steak Day is a term that was established by our sister company. It applies only to Phase 2 which is the Very Low Calorie Diet Phase of the DIY HCG diet. A Mini Steak Day consists of not eating anything until dinner (drink plenty of coffee, tea and water). For dinner you would have a 100 gram portion of steak with either one apple or one raw tomato. The reason you would do a Mini Steak Day during the VLCD is if you are stalled more than 3 days and you want to try and break the stall. A Mini Steak Day is not advised to be used every day just to reach your weight loss goal.

Note:   Right now, this company is sending Bac water in glass vials- I found when my I mixed my hCG from this kit that I had to pull the bacteriostatic water out of the glass vial in two batches-ie, pull up 2ml’s of bac water, add to the vial with hCG, pull up another 3ml’s of bac water, add to the vial of hCG.  This is because the glass vial of bacteriostatic water can’t contract at all and is full to the top, so the vacuum inside is so strong, it’s very difficult to pull the whole 5ml’s of bac water out all at once.  Just a word to the wise on that one!  You want to go slow and make sure you get the accurate amount of 5ml’s into your mixture so you can dose your hCG properly.

Hcg steroids weight loss

hcg steroids weight loss


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