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I’ve thought about that a lot, actually. I knew all about steroids before anybody because I was in that world of bodybuilders and gyms when I was 20. These gym rats would confide in me because I was in medical school. They told me what they were doing, and then they would deny it to everybody else. I watched some guys go from 17-year-old nothings to Mr. America with endorsements. For them, it was as if you could go from being a novice pianist to Mozart in two years just by taking a pill. How could they not be tempted by that? Of course, I see them now and they’re dying from the stuff. There’s depression, mania, rage and physical consequences that will cut their life short by 10 to 20 years. It’s their choice. I’m not sure what to think about the ethics of it all, but I must admit it’s kind of exciting to watch these guys in baseball hitting the ball out of the park. And I don’t think Congress should spend billions of tax dollars to investigate it. It’s a player’s perogative.

Hobie baywatch steroids

hobie baywatch steroids


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