Iritis treatment steroids

Because of the relationship between Uveitis and over 90 different pathogens and autoimmune disease processes we suggest that individuals with recurrent or chronic uveitis be treated by an  uveitis specialist  or ocular immunologist. One may have to travel to see one of these very rare specialists but by doing so, the health of the patient as well as long term positive outcomes for the uvietic eye will occur. some of these consequences to lack of treatment or under treatment are: epiretinal membrane formation, cystoid Macular edema, cataracts, Glaucoma, detached retina, Vitreous hemorrhage, vascularization of the retina.

It is important to keep life as normal as possible for children with JRA. Leading an active lifestyle with exercise and independent activities will keep muscles and joints stronger. Activity and positive reinforcement will also keep children from developing depression or negative emotional problems. Support groups and summer camps are good places for children with arthritis diseases to interact with others who share their struggles. The Arthritis Foundation provides search tools for locating local groups and summer camps as well as information about annual conferences they hold.

Iritis treatment steroids

iritis treatment steroids


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