Kryogen steroids

Using clenbuterol can enhance and worsen a pre-existing heart condition and/or blood pressure related issues . Some thinking and studies have shown that wasting away of the left side of the heart can occur at a rapid pace with high doses of clenbuterol use . If one has a pre-existing heart condition, it would be wise to take extra precaution before use.
Clenbuterol could possibly negatively affect bones, leading to higher bone fragility. This can increase the likelihood and risk of bone fractures.
Further studies and testings are needed to determine how deep and underlying the problems from use can go and would need to be done on humans for further confirmation.

Linux/Mozilla: Linux is Mozilla's preferred platform, coz Linux is popular and doesnt have a decent browser: ergo, more Linux users are interested in/helping out Mozilla than from any other OS. But if AOL/Netscape's interests switched to another OS, and the number of full-time developers working on Mozilla/Be doubled, that will not matter any more.

Of course, all this is just conjecturing for fun, but it does make sense at some level. It certainly makes as much as sense for AOL as buying Nullsoft or Mirabilis...

engineers never lie; we just approximate the truth.

Kryogen steroids

kryogen steroids