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In 1870 the Republic of France abolished all local executioners and named the executioner of Paris, Jean-François Heidenreich, Exécuteur des Arrêts Criminels , which became France's official description of the executioner's occupation. From then on there would be only one executioner to carry out death sentences for all of France except Corsica which would follow in 1875. As the Republic's executioner was required to live in Paris, people soon started to refer to him as "Monsieur de Paris", "The Mister from Paris". At the occasion of his nomination, Heidenreich could choose four among France's former local executioners to be his aides.

What you may not know however, is that the two rare illnesses (Pneumocystis Pneumonia and Kaposi's Sarcoma) were lumped together as a syndrome and called AIDS. These two rare illnesses declined parallel to the decline of the usage of Poppers. The original AIDS syndrome has been over for YEARS. However no one knows the difference because the CDC (in a race to blame a virus and keep the plague fear alive to make money from toxic HIV treatments) lumped over 29 illnesses into the syndrome and mass produced Bogus HIV tests that (by the way) do NOT actually test for HIV. They test for anti bodies that the body produces for over 100 non-HIV related reasons. HIV does not cause AIDS. 

Mort de quentin elias steroides

mort de quentin elias steroides


mort de quentin elias steroidesmort de quentin elias steroidesmort de quentin elias steroidesmort de quentin elias steroidesmort de quentin elias steroides