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You will receive your bar code(s) upon completion of purchase and via email and must have it readily available on your smart phone for check-in at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For entry into the expo, present your bar code at Will Call on Friday, September 15th and Saturday September 16th starting at 10AM (9AM for Fast Pass). If you are purchasing for another individual or would like to transfer your ticket, please be sure to forward them your bar code or email support@ with details. All tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Luimarco @philheath get over it dude !! I’m not paid by @o2_gyms !! The problem is your Bubble gut bonanza that i called out already years ago !! You accuse me of Photoshop and now you accuse me of getting paid ??? When u were bragging about you getting paid and that you are not pregnant but your bank account is pregnant!! You absolutely discredited your self in a major way !!! If @william_bonac was placed second i would have called him Uncrowned Mr Olympia! In my book you should not even be in top 6 !!! Deal with it !! You do have a Bubble Gut Bonanza and that should be an Automatic disqualification no matter how good the other body parts look individually. My 7 years old niece was shocked by the sight of your dissented belly !! It just can’t be a sign of Ultimate fitness dude ! At the end of the day !! This uproar is against the judging and the politics and well !!! Go read the comments on your social media and see what’s up ! …. oh yeah i forgot you’re too “old school ” for social media!! …old school bodybuilders had a vacuum sir.

The reality is that racism is hard wired in humanity. It is far more than a tendency. Any time the powers throughout history have concocted a war against their neighbor, foreign or domestic; the first card played is race. Lets remember the Huns, Slope heads, Chinks, Japs, Rag heads Wetbacks, Untermenschen, etc. They do it because it works. It allows the combatants to feel superior to their foe either by race, religion or philosophy. What happens to this animosity after the conflict is over? Do you think it gets put back on the shelf until further use? Suddenly we are expected to love the Huns and Japs again because our government says so?

Mr olympia without steroids

mr olympia without steroids


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