Steroid-based creams

"My 4 year old grand daughter had really dry hands and rash all over them and up her arms like ezcema- I believe it was from using the hand sanitizer at school. She was always scratching because it was so itchy for the poor little girl. She stayed with us over the Christmas holidays and I used the Lavender Skin Cream on her several times a day and really applied it generously at night. In about 4 or 5 days, her rash was pretty much all gone. I sent the cream home with my daughter who continued to apply it to her. My granddaughter even started asking for it after a couple of days. My favorite part was not only that it worked so well at clearing up the dryness and rash, but that it is all natural."

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For 2018, Mousseau is introducing a push-stick applicator for people who don’t like dipping their fingers in goo, as well as body butter, and new formulations for tattoo owners and sufferers of psoriasis. But her big dream now is to go beyond role model to become an economic catalyst. She wants to build her own co-packing facility, preferably on aboriginal land near Vancouver, to help other entrepreneurs develop new products and build businesses in an environment built for untested and insecure innovators. “Entrepreneurs are actually pretty vulnerable,” she says. “We put on this façade of continuing success. But sometimes it’s just good to have someone you can share your failures with, in a safe place.”

Steroid-based creams

steroid-based creams


steroid-based creamssteroid-based creamssteroid-based creamssteroid-based creamssteroid-based creams