Steroid mouth rinses

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Sorry to hear about your son’s struggles. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things. For kids with chronic rhinitis and chronic cough, I am suspicious of reflux (GER/GERD) as a contributing factor. Take a look at the articles on this site for that topic. Regarding the precise amount of Manuka honey to use, it ends up being about a tablespoon for an 8-oz bottle of saline. Manuka honey may help reduce inflammation, studies have found that Manuka contains both a strong anti-microbial, and strong anti-inflammatory agents … worth a try.
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This is interesting and I have made a note of it; I had shingles once and it started on my right tonsil and made its way across the roof of my mouth, HORRIBLE. Recently, stress triggered a recurrence, and it shows up where it showed up before. I was fortunate to realize what it was before it became full-blown, but not before my tonsil and part of the roof of my mouth was involved again. Seriously hoping for no more repeats of this, but I have saved this recipe just in case! I had never heard of this recipe, but I had heard of using a cotton swab and Milk of Magnesia (mint flavor) to coat canker sores to ease the pain and irritation.

Steroid mouth rinses

steroid mouth rinses


steroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinsessteroid mouth rinses