Steroid use vs natural

I 100% disagree. Ok, if you want to look like Ronnie Coleman, then yes, you will most likely need steroids. but comeon, Franco Columbo. that guy was what 190lbs. he was a small guy. both in height and stature. he was pretty big for his day. but nowadays, ive seen high school guys bigger than him. maybe not as strong, but the question was could he look like him. and ive seen many many guys not on steroids that are 40lbs bigger than him. yes, he was very lean, but with proper nutrition and todays supplements, its not all that hard to do.

I get 2, 4 and 5 and I’m completely natural. I have had people accuse me of taking steroids many times and it pissed me off. It gets me to the point where I want to take steroids just so that I can say “Now this is me on steroids fckers!”. Lol. But nah I get a lot of acne outbreaks naturally and I have had many stretch marks as well as abnormally fast muscle gains. I’m a very lean person and when I stop working out I’m capable of drastically going from jacked to skinny as heck. When I start back up again I blow up quick. Another thing I’ve noticed is my pumps are naturally a lot more intense then the average lifter. Like my shoulders blow up like bowling balls and veins and shreds show up all over them along with my arm’s and chest. I’ve had a tone of people accuse me of taking steroids because of these factors. I also had a relative hug me once and say I was jacked and as solid as steal. He said only steroids do that. (He took steroids in the past) But it is to my understanding that muscle is solid… or at least a lot more solid than fat. At the time I was taking creatine and l-arginine with citrilline malate (which is a precursor to arginine) and a lot of BCAA’s.


  1. jacynthe October 2, 2013 • 4:55 pm the article is not right and lack details. nothing is natural . have you ever seen a tree produced a pill morons . nothing is natural the natural things is shaolin phylosophy and people who don’t take any sort of pills . the long undesirable effects of supplements is as equally dangerous to that of the anabolic but we live in the age where doctors have no conscience anymore and paid or guired toward popping and taking everything that gives a quick boost and a quick reward,especially pharmaceutical companies
    taking too many supplement or a few for a long period of time will cause your insulin to go high and the blood can no longer get rid of it, now you have so many insulin and now your hypothalamus is sending signal to eat eat eat and sugar has so much affinity to every pill you take . you keep eating and your blood sugar go high and yoru pancreas keep pumping more insulin plus the one you have from the amino acids forget it diabetes will kick in quickly and liver damage and diabeted retinopathy and eye floaters .. etc most of these instruction tell you to take 2 -8 pills a day are a f moron f legal criminals . eveything is becomingfake food pills hairs boobs nails so humans are fake period . you want to be healthy eat well less meat always more fish though they said now the ocean from the nuclear power plants in japan is leaking, still better than meat with gmo and all sort s of canned food . exercise ,good food , water . stay in the nature as long as possible stay away from teh bustling cities and the stressed life and hte hoarding of money , be in the nature is your best remedy rather than spending your life in a virtual world of devices and fake pills

    Steroid use vs natural

    steroid use vs natural


    steroid use vs naturalsteroid use vs naturalsteroid use vs naturalsteroid use vs naturalsteroid use vs natural