T3 steroid info

With Longevity is Life’s  medical training you will be able to offer patients a personalized, healthy approach to looking and feeling great. Medical science has seen the most noticeable advancements in these areas, in recent years, and the clinical data is constantly being updated and yielding significant results. Our program is evidence-based, and thoroughly goes over the latest necessary standards of care, medical protocols and testing, so that you will be able to utilize and seamlessly integrate this field of medicine within your clinical practice.

The most active thyroid hormone tri-iodothyronine, T3, is largely produced by peripheral ie non-thyroidal conversion of thyroxine, T4. In the typical sick euthyroid, circulating T3 is usually low but the total T4 may be normal or even raised since there is reduced conversion to T3. Conversely, T4 may be low since the majority is carried on serum binding proteins and their synthesis may be suppressed by severe illness. The absence of a raised TSH excludes primary hypothyroidism. However, almost any pattern of thyroid hormones may be seen in an unwell patient!!

T3 steroid info

t3 steroid info


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