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Tasha sits down with Kelly and apologizes to her, all while the cameras are rolling for Kelly's reality show. (This seems like a punk move on Tasha's part, but I'm glad the duo is back. At least we won't have to see Tasha running from Kelly anymore). Melanie tells Tasha and Kelly that DJ really is Derwin's son. Jason gets cut from the Sabers. (It won't be the same without Jason in the locker room… speaking of, I don't think we've seen it yet, have we? Some of the best scenes in past seasons were in the locker room). Jason landed a hosting spot on Benched alongside Chris Webber. (Does this mean Chris is going to become a regular on the show? *thumbs up*). Jason goes in on Derwin and Malik on the show. Janay knocks on Derwin and Melanie's door with papers in her hand. Melanie panics and tells Derwin that the lab made a mistake and that DJ really is his son. (Insert Derwin's fist into wall…again). Janay tells Derwin that she will see him in court to sort out custody and child support. She tells him the $10,000 a month he is currently giving her isn't cutting it anymore. Derwin tells Melanie that she can't fix this and that she is the problem. (Melanie and her insecurities have always been a problem). Derwin goes to see Jason on set and Jason gives him the name of his divorce attorney. Malik talks Derwin out of seeking a divorce. (Is this the same Malik who is sleeping with the team owner's wife? Oh ok…).Jason and Chris are at a party and Jason gets on stage and raps and does the "Dip & Pitts." (Please don't try this in the club). Derwin gives Melanie some conditions if they are to stay together: she cannot ever mention Janay or DJ to him again (whoa! This is going to be interesting) and she must start attending church with him every Sunday.

Taking steroids prank

taking steroids prank


taking steroids pranktaking steroids pranktaking steroids pranktaking steroids pranktaking steroids prank