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   The Board will comprise the following:
          Chair, Secretary and Treasurer each of whom will have one vote.
          Two representatives of each of the four Constituent UK Spine Societies (SBPR, BSS, BASS,BASCIS) each of whom will have one vote.
          Two representatives each from BOA and SBNS each of whom will have one vote.
          One representative from the PLG, who will have one vote.
          Co-opted members of the Board but will not have voting rights
          No Society will be permitted more than three votes at any one time

   The Board will meet on at least 2 occasions each year either physically or electronically.

   The agenda for meetings of the Board will be compiled by the Chair or his/her deputy.

   Review of the Register of Board Members Interests relating to any Association matters and declaration of Conflicts of Interest will be the first Standing Item on the agenda at each meeting.

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Ukss steroids

ukss steroids