Where to inject hcg steroids

Hey there. I received my new orders from Escrow (thru your discount code – THANKS!)
& have a question… as I’ve always purchased premixed & thru my USA doctor. I have 3 boxes of Pregnyl 5000 iu. And for some reason they sent me 3 fairly large bottles o bacteria static waters – I thought I ordered 1.
I aslo have plenty syringes & alcohol swabs.
In each box with the Pregnyl 5000, there are 2 vials – one is 1ml sodium chloride. Do I not use this first?… to mix the powdered hCG before adding the bacteriostatic waters?

  • Will I gain the weight back after I stop taking the HCG shots?

    • After the HCG diet, you should find your appetite and eating behavior will have modified; your metabolism will be different and you will be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. However, it is essential to adopt a healthier lifestyle to maintain weight loss, including exercising and eating at the “reset” calorie level. If you go back to old habits of leading a sedentary lifestyle and either overeating or eating unhealthy foods, the weight will return. We understand this possibility and know how helpful a support system is in the weeks after the intensive phase of the diet. Our diet coach, who specializes in the HCG diet, has lost nearly 100 pounds herself, and she will help you every step of the way.

      Intramuscular Injections are a more evasive form of injection vs subcutaneous injections. Intramuscular Injections are meant to inject the compound directly into the muscle tissue, which typically requires a longer, larger gauge needles. The needles can range between 28 gauge and larger. However, Rejuvi Medical uses 1- inch, 23-25 gauge needles, which most mclients claim they cannot feel when administered into the glutes (the bum). While intramuscular needles may seem scary for some, the actual shot with such small gauge needles usually has almost no irritation or pain.

      Where to inject hcg steroids

      where to inject hcg steroids


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