Zyzz chestbrah steroids

Ya its gotta be incredibly hard being his brother. People are always comparing him to zyzz and shit. Its just crazy how much better zyzz genetics are. chestbrah started lifting a year or two before zyzz and to this day, 3 years later he's still not as big as he was. Ive been following his progress and I think he got up to like 96kgs on this last bulk, but he had to fucking bulk to do it. Zyzz never had to do that. Maybe, just maybe he will end up at a lean 87-88kgs, which still isn't gonna be as big as zyzz. Thats 193lbs at 5'11. Zyzz was almost 6'2 at 220 so i think he would have to be about 90kgs (198lbs) to have the same size as zyzz. Wtf could zyzz have done so much differently to get him that size so much quicker. Cause chestbrah is not natty either. Maybe he spend some time natty after zyzz death but before he wasn't, and i know he isn't now. I just dont get it.

Aziz died suddenly on August 5th, 2011 at age 22. He was found in a sauna in Bangkok, Thailand. His autopsy revealed that he had suffered from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. Reflecting his online popularity, news of his death appeared on several Australian news sites including The Telegraph Australia [12] , 9News [13] , and the Sydney Morning Herald [14] , as well as [15] and 4chan. [16] On August 22nd, The Daily Telegraph [20] writer Katherine Danks revealed that she was harassed on Twitter for covering Zyzz’s death. Following Zyzz’s death, his brother Said Shavershian (. “Chestbrah”) served as his replacement in the National Road Trip reality show.

Maybe I’m just from a different generation but watching that youtube video had me laughing so hard at that “Jyzz” guy or whatever he calls himself. Having never been acquainted with him or any of his videos, I kept wondering if this was a parody of the *real* Zyzz. But no, evidently that sad fella is the real deal. Firstly, working out is great and all, but there is something called balance, and that body of his was just too much. It’s all an external shell covering up an empty inside. Any woman of quality will see through that a mile away. Secondly, men who are not complete idiots don’t say “Brah” every four seconds. Just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.

Zyzz chestbrah steroids

zyzz chestbrah steroids


zyzz chestbrah steroidszyzz chestbrah steroidszyzz chestbrah steroidszyzz chestbrah steroidszyzz chestbrah steroids